“Like a boss” cover photo

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Gangam style facebook cover photo

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A nice idea to have a Gangam style cover photo at your facebook profile.

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Stüssy Amsterdam has model ‘Strip for Likes’ on facebook

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Online clothes retailer Stüssy Amsterdam is running a campaign, where their featured model will take off an item of the brand’s clothing depending on the number of ‘likes’ the brand receives.

The ‘Strip for Likes’ campaign began with a model wearing all of the brand’s range of clothing, and the more people who like the Facebook page, the less she will be pictured wearing.

At the time of writing, the page had received 3,875 likes.


10 amazing facebook timelines

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For many of us Facebook is like our digital scrapbook where we can manage all our information to share with our friends, family or keep private to ourselves. With the new release of the Facebook Timeline coming out means a whole new look for the profiles, this of course means we as “Facebookers” need a creative  cover design to show off so once the public release of timeline is out we already have something creative to display.

Since the developer version is released let’s take a look at some unique FB cover ideas, we surfed Facebook and found the top 10 creative covers, here they are:
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Say bad words on Twitter

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You are nervous on Twitter? You are rude and impolite sometimes?Could you ever imagine that sometimes maybe it’s useful?

Now with Charity Swear Box you enter at the search field a twitter username and checks for any tweets with bad or swear words.Then,they add them all up and give you a suggested amount to donate to your favourite charity.

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The new profile picture you should have

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So yesterday I got the new facebook profile and cut up my face to pretty much take up the whole screen and everyone was asking me how I did it, usually I would ignore such requests and leave them thinking I was some kind of artistic genius but in actuality I stole the idea off the internet like pretty much everything else I do. It all started with French artist Alexandre Oudin (seen above), who decided to maximize the new facebook layout. I am sensing this is going to become a big hit with facebook users so jump on the train before it becomes old news. For anyone who wants to copy his style, all you have to do is block the other photos you’re tagged in and upload photos to your profile pictures album that are the exact size (yes, down to the pixel) of the display on Facebook and voilà!

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How to download facebook photo albums

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FacePAD (Facebook Photo Album Downloader) Firefox Addon allows you to download your friends’ entire Facebook albums with a click of a button.

Download addon

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Facebook magic circles trick

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Creat magic circles:

magic circles trick:
Press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Enter key, then right click then press up and down and magic circles will appear.

Note: The only way to get rid of them are to log off or refresh the page.

Change the default picture

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If you have changed the default facebook profile picture and uploaded your own, it’s fine. But if not, then why not replace that boring picture of the guy with a wisp of hair sticking out of his head with something different and funny?


direct download .zip pack

Rotate the text of your status

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Follow the instructions