How does Facebook work? The popularity of this social networking site is growing every day, but if you aren’t yet involved, you may be wondering just how Facebook makes it easy to connect with friends.

Creating a Profile
Facebook is one of the busiest social networking sites out there. When you join Facebook, you instantly have the ability to connect with friends, relatives, former classmates and business associates. Facebook allows each user to create their own personal profile, in which they can share basic information about themselves, such as home town, job information, political and religious views, relationship status, interests, favorite activities, TV, music and more. Signing up for certain networks or identifying your high school allows Facebook to search for other people who’ve given that same information. These users will be suggested as friends, and you can add them if you know them.

Finding Friends
You can also search for people you know through friend-finding features available on the site. You can search through your e-mail address book or through instant messaging contacts. Once you’ve added some friends, Facebook offers friend suggestions based on mutual friends from your list. You can also invite people you know who aren’t yet on Facebook to join.

Staying in Touch
Once you’ve found your friends, you’ll notice that your homepage shows a handy news feed telling you what your friends are doing. You can comment on their status messages, notes or photos, and if you click on their profile page, you can leave them a public message on their Wall. If you would like to leave a more personal message, Facebook also features an e-mail-like messaging system, which allows you to send a message that can only be viewed by that person. If you would like to chat with your friends in real time, you can do that on Facebook, too, using the Chat feature.

Sharing photos is a great way to interact with your friends on Facebook. You can post photos directly to your Wall, or you can create special albums. Facebook allows you to “tag” the people in your photo with their names, and there is space available for your friends to make comments about your photos.

The other big component of the Facebook experience is the Applications feature. There are hundreds of fun applications that you can use for work and play…tools to help you network, games to play, applications that can help you stay organized or help you to build a family tree. Your friends will likely send you invitations to add applications that they enjoy.

Facebook can be a valuable tool to help you stay connected to your family and friends. Once you get started, you will find that Facebook is an easy and fun way to interact with the people in your life and to connect with others who share your interests.