Facebook parody “social network parody”

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This is a song written by Us and parody of what you become when your always on Facebook………A “Facebook Wolf”.

Original Song: Shakira “She Wolf”
Back Song Playing: Karaoke Shakira “She Wolf”

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Lyrics: Intro- Yes O Yes I Have A Facebook No O No I Don’t Have Two Yes O Yes It turns Me Unhuman Can’t Take My Pretty Eyes Off You Tanya- When I go to the Show Or When I Have to Go, I Don’t……….. Leave the House Without………. Letting you Know That I’m Going to the Movies Status Update…..Keeps Me Moving I Go on Facebook From Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday to Thursday to Friday So many Photo Comments to choose from, what the hell did i do with my day! Take a Good Pic, Don’t Make me Look Sick This has to be my, Next Profile Pic I’m In many pics with a quick little tag from parties, trips and Vacations Don’t Tag Me in This one or that one or this one, not good for job applications

Chorus: I’m On Facebook Twenty-Four Seven, Let me Out so I can Breathe

Danny and Tanya Talking……………………….

Danny- Yo Listen Up Here Wanna get with the crew, you wanna get things done, gotta do what you gotta do
Invite More Friends Fifty Hundred and More, Facebook has what Myspace couldn’t store.

See friends from high school and preschool too, you get old friends accepting and looking like who

Tanya- Like who is this guy and why does he care, we only talked once in high school and all he did was stare

Danny- With eyes wide open, all you do is click For the facebook website, don’t know when to quit! I updated my status two hours ago……..No comments posted i’m a loser Nooooooooooooo! It becomes a craving and a site that is needed, all the way from the morning all the way to the evening With all of the Drama my best friend got choked, from a simple innocent facebooking POKE!

Chorus- I’m on Facebook twenty-four seven, let me out so i can breathe I’m on Facebook twenty-four seven, let me out so i can breathe I’m on Facebook twenty-four seven, let me out so i can breathe

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