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So yesterday I got the new facebook profile and cut up my face to pretty much take up the whole screen and everyone was asking me how I did it, usually I would ignore such requests and leave them thinking I was some kind of artistic genius but in actuality I stole the idea off the internet like pretty much everything else I do. It all started with French artist Alexandre Oudin (seen above), who decided to maximize the new facebook layout. I am sensing this is going to become a big hit with facebook users so jump on the train before it becomes old news. For anyone who wants to copy his style, all you have to do is block the other photos you’re tagged in and upload photos to your profile pictures album that are the exact size (yes, down to the pixel) of the display on Facebook and voilà!

The 5 little ones: 97 x 68 pixels
The big one: 180 x 532 pixels

UPDATE: DV has been kind enough to create a tool that cuts up your image for you, just upload you picture and it does everything for you, check the comment section for the site.

See more profile picture examples below

UPDATE: This guy just took it to another level, HOLY MOLY


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